App for Specialists

Welcome to Vogal. Vogal is designed to make consultations quick, easy, and educational. The specialist can choose from a variety of services offered and has the ability to charge whatever fee deemed appropriate for each service. These fees are displayed on the GP app so that the GP will be aware of the fees prior to submitting the consultation.

The unique structure designed by Vogal allows for the service to be provided without the specialist ever having to create an invoice and worry about sending or collecting for the service provided. Once the specialist completes a case and the case is sent back to the GP, Vogal, LLC receives payment from the GP. Once a month Vogal, LLC will send checks to the specialists. Vogal, LLC takes 20% of each transaction. A minimum of $25 per service is required. The specialist does have the option to "no charge" and "reject" cases at anytime.

"No charge" is not a service to use often, and this will be closely monitored by Vogal. If the "no charge" is abused, Vogal has the right to make your app disappear. The reject option can be used if the GP chose the wrong specialty (e.g. needed a cardiologist, not a neurologist), or if the image quality is not up to the standards needed to make confident annotations, dictations, and recommendations. The specialist can simply hit "reject" and state a reason why so the GP knows how to fix it. The GP can then re-submit.

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