About Vogal

Vogal stands for Visionary Outreach Global Application Liaison. Vogal is committed to being the premier veterinary consultation service, strengthening the relationship between general practitioners (GPs) and specialists. Vogal strives to make the consultation service easy, fast, and educational. Vogal will continuously be adding new technologies and services to aid in the consultation process.

With each consultation, the specialist has the ability to offer continuing education by utilizing the basic technologies offered by the specialist app. Specialists that choose to participate believe in one simply philosophy, "the smarter the specialist makes the general practitioner, the more business for everyone." Vogal offers specialists the chance to showcase their skills by offering knowledge and recommendations. In return, the relationships between the GPs and specialists strengthen, creating a life-long bond of communication, wisdom, and revenue.

Vogal, LLC
Overland Park, KS
Fax: 913-273-1691

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