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Vogal is a new, simple, fast, and educational way of submitting consultations. Every consultation is a chance to learn, and the philosophy behind Vogal is simple, "the more educated the GP becomes on each case, the more business created for both GPs and specialists." The specialists have the ability to annotate and dictate on each item submitted for service. The GPs can view these annotations, learn from them, print, show their clients, and develop a strong relationship with the specialists. The consultations are aimed at keeping the patients "in house", saving the clients time and money. Of course, the specialist may determine referral is recommended, at which time the GP has the option to make a referral.

The GP will be able to determine how much the specialist is charging for the service rendered. The GP has the option of charging this fee to the client, or increasing the fee for the time and expertise required to offer this service.

Most clients understand that going to a referral hospital takes time, and money. Many cases are difficult to determine if the patient should be referred. Vogal is designed to provide the GPs with confidence in making such decisions.

Any and all specialties can sign up to be a specialist for Vogal. Board certification is a requirement for specialists. The specialities will be divided into the major classifications such as cardiology, dermatology, surgery, etc. Each specialist will be listed under the state they live in and the specialty they are certified in. Each specialist has the option of coming up with their own fees.

The GPs have the option of choosing any specialist they want, the communication will be private, and only include the selected specialist. Each specialist has the option to decline the case and also not perform certain services. Most often, a relationship between a GP and local specialist will be chosen, so that a mutual relationship can be built.


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